Make It Happen

Turtle neck crop top - ASOS | Mary janes - Dr. Martens

An ideal weekend for me usually sums up with church, time with my girlfriends, popping by a hip cafe or two, get my outfit shot if possible. Since the haze miraculously (thank God) cleared up two days ago, summer is at its full blast again so Nigel and I went to explore a cafe that specializes in restoring vintage furniture. Totally love their decor; mismatched, customized furniture everywhere and drool-worthy pastries that'll leave you spoilt for choice. A great hideout for first dates, conversations or simply if you have a sweet tooth.

Ice latte @ Carpenter & Cook

+65 6463 3648
19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120

Tulip (aka. mom) jeans - thrifted for $2 | backpack - Saint Jack (mom's vintage)

As I have mentioned in my previous post, this pair of jeans has to be my best thrift buy so far. Since it's meant to be high-waisted, I thought what better way to rock it than a crop top? So Rihanna-esque! I'll look even more badass if I added some gold chain necklace but nah, shall save it for another time. I love that the crop top isn't too short because that'll expose my untoned tummy, but still sexy nevertheless since it reveals a small inch of midriff.

Belt - Uniqlo | Amethyst necklace - AMEN | Hoop earrings - Bugis Street

Some people might say pants like this are so unflattering and resembles Ronald MacDonalds but I can't care less be honest. The loose form of the jeans has an unconventional appeal which makes it stand out from your regular skinnies. I'm still looking for more ways to wear them but so far, my favourites are knotted tees and crop tops.

Photos by Nigel