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Attention: Google Friend Connect followers

It has been brought to my attention that GFC will be ceasing its services in about three weeks time, which means readers who are following me via GFC will no longer be able to view my posts...very soon. :-(

In order to stay in touch with you, I highly urge you to follow me on Bloglovin' instead. As a blogger and an avid reader of other fashion blogs, I truly have been enjoying Bloglovin' so far. It's almost like a Twitter feed but for blogs! Makes blog surfing a breeze.

Q: What's so great about Bloglovin'?
A: It is more streamlined, has a cleaner template, allows you to comment easily on every post, save your 'liked' posts, group blogs into categories, read on the go with the Bloglovin' app, explore popular and recommended blogs and more!

Q: How do I import all my GFC blogs to Bloglovin'?
A: Easy! Simply follow this tutorial to import all your RSS feed from the Google reader.

Q: Where do I follow you?
A: Simply create an account and follow ULIMALI!

It would be great if you would allow me to stay connected with you so make sure you come over the other side! On my part, I will work hard to create good quality content for you to enjoy.