Haze Edition: Paddle Pop

How is everyone doing in this PSI400 haze situation? Can't think of a more interesting greeting..when haze seems to be the only thing Singaporeans are concerned as of now. For the benefit of my foreign friends: Singapore is currently experiencing severe haze due to the forest fires originated from Indonesia. 

While I understand that it is best to stay indoors, my rebellious instinct urged me that this weather is going to be awesome for photographs! The blanket of particles somehow create a dreamy, fantasy-like atmosphere, as strange as it sounds. And I was right! I'm not encouraging any of you to risk the hazardous act. I hope you enjoy this set of photos and keep in mind that this wouldn't be possible without my two really helpful photographers who braved the haze with me! 

Water color drapes top - c/o Dressabelle

I decided to go for a lightweight, flowy ensemble because comfort is priority in this suffocating weather. I love the layers and colours of this camisole which really reminds of of Paddle Pop popsicles! Since layered tops like this tend to be volumous, it is important to reshape your figure with a belt or any high-waisted bottom.

Middle of the shoot: buildings along the horizon is disappearing into the haze

Maxi skirt (worn draped) - Bangkok | Studded belt - Taiwan

Thanks to Chriselle's helpful tutorial, I learnt to wear an ordinary maxi skirt in many different ways. In my case, I simply tucked a small part of the hem into the waist band. I swear Chriselle's is the queen of versatility. I am a huge fan of her fashion tutorials and I really think you will find them inspiring too.

Scale sequin clutch - ZARA

Beanie - H&M | Cross earrings - New Look | Watch - Casio

The idea of today's outfit is a feminine take on festival fashion. Yes, I love channeling my inner hippie but at times I still want to look girly and polished for day time. Even though the colours for this outfit is mostly pastel and muted, I retained some rocker elements by adding metallic jewelry.

Suede ankle boots - Topshop

Photos by Yun Jing & JJ

By the time the shoot came to an end (about 20 mins), the barely visible horizon had turned into a complete blur. Sad to say, we also saw dead fishes on the water's surface, that shows just how toxic the haze is to small animals. I am deeply saddened by the fact that our Earth is on the brim of giving up on humanity, and the only ones to blame are ourselves. So take care my friends! Health is golden.