Roccoco Kent Vintage

Overview of Roccoco Kent as you enter the store

Fun Fact 1. Roccoco Kent does not hold any special meaning. It was named after the owner's (female) pet dog, and 'Kent' was added to make it sound more masculine.

I'm always on the hunt for  thrift and vintage shops in Singapore. Vintage shopping is like walking into a museum of old, relatable things that tell a story and available for sale. From the positive response I've gotten from previous thrifting/ vintage shopping posts, I have since made a commitment to document my visits so you guys can go too! Not everything interesting in Singapore is easy to find. For this, I owe it to Nigel for always being able to discover quirky places that tend to be hidden from the majority. Read on!

Roccoco Kent
753 North Bridge Road #02-02, Tangerine S(198721)

First up, vintage furniture. In the furniture section you can find big pieces of furniture mainly sourced locally. The shop itself is tiny but do not underestimate its size...it holds a good amount of things that'll keeps your eyes moving for at least half an hour. Personally I consider all vintage shops as a good source of interior inspiration because no matter how much junk it holds, the thoughtful owner always make it charming somehow. Organization in chaos, you know?

Fun Fact 2. The robot (bottom right hand corner in the pic below) was used to serve Sushi in a restaurant. That explains the tray!

Moving on to the vintage clothes and accessories section. Apparels were quite limited but there was a good collection of vintage bags ranging from brandless to Chanel and YSL. Jewelry were a joy to look at too and some of the items were tagged with its respective era, which is always fun to know.

Fun Fact 3. That is a skull of a deer.

Fun Fact 4: The above is a (professionally) restored  vintage school desk.

Overall, I really enjoyed my vintage rummaging at RK and learning about owner Emmeline's love for collecting vintage. She's such a friendly person to chat with and willing to share her knowledge with amateur vintage shoppers like me. Nothing beats the feeling of heading down to a vintage shop physically. 

Be sure to add Roccoco Kent to your to-go-list, no more excuses for saying "I have nowhere to go"!

Fun Fact 5. Nigel purchased a framed wall clock from the seventies.

Outfit Of The Day:

Cotton tee - ASOS
Leather slit skirt - c/o Of Wine And Ribbons
Circle sling bag - Charles & Keith
Gold Chain Necklace - Forever 21
Suede boots - Topshop

Photos by Nigel and I