The Field Of Fallen Leaves

Not far away from my work place lies an open (at the same time hidden) field that has one of the most serene landscapes in the city. Well kept greenery aren't aways the most charming. To me, dried leaves and fallen branches are perfect the way they are. We chanced upon it randomly and have kept going back to it since. This photo set is one of my favourites ever and I hope you'd enjoy seeing it as much as I do.

Crochet and ribbons babydoll blouse - c/o Dressabelle

Most women (I find) choose clothes based on their ability to flatter. For instance, my petite friends rarely pick maxi dresses and curvy girls avoid loose fitting clothes. That is totally fine because clothes were supposed to complement your body shape in the first place. White that is absolutely valid, I feel that great design can also help achieve silhouettes your body can't achieve on its own. I don't mean ill-fitting; when done right, exaggerated volume can actually inject an unreal effect into your look. Like what I did here, pleats on pleats is not a conventional way of pairing but it still works with the right accessories.

Burgundy brogues - c/o Charles & Keith

I really think Burgundy is the color that defines Autumn, doesn't it remind you of maple trees and sunsets? To keep my outfit relaxed, I decided to go with some menswear inspired brogues. Besides with all the errands I have to run as a student, flats are essential. 

Pleated midi skirt (also in red) - c/o Dressabelle

Tapestry bag - Charles & Keith

I can't even describe to you how much I love tapestry. People who dislike tapestry would describe them as granny style, but to me they're just Fall's version of floral prints! They have so much texture and I am immensely in love with the beautiful muted colours in this bag. Charles & Keith is my faovurite local brand and they have impressed me once again. 

ps. I don't recommend anyone to lie on semi-wet mud unless you enjoy removing stains.
pps. Didn't realized how much the tapestry camouflaged with the field. 

Photos by Yun Jing