Over The T(cr)op

High neck stripe crop top - Topshop (similar here)

Maxi skirt - City Plaza (similar here and here)

Wedged creepers - Underground

Chunky block necklace - The Quiet Riot

The other day I couldn't resist snatching this Topshop cropped top from the petite section, which clearly meant it was made for girls smaller than me. The length of it is questionable, and sometimes I couldn't help but cross my arms when talking to somebody hoping they'll stop staring at my pale (and untoned) tummy... That explains my choice of necklace today. Isn't that the biggest necklace you've ever seen?! I admit that I absolutely love crop tops even though they aren't the most comfortable thing to wear. They're like high heels; either you put them on and feel awesome or you regret your decision for the rest of the day. I love wearing mine with anything high waisted or over maxi dresses.

I finally took time off to watch Hunger Games Catching Fire today and I am pretty disappointed at the ending. Yes, I have watched the first movie but have never read the books, neither do I consider myself a 'fan'. I loved the first movie but the second one just did not work for me. I think the movie is difficult to make sense of for people who have no prior knowledge to the storyline. Okay that aside, I'm so excited for my upcoming holidays! Not only I will try to update this space more, I finally booked a staycation and going to Adventure Cove! Hopefully I'm able to get a waterproof case for my camera so I can take you all with me. Fingers crossed!