Wishlist: November

It's the time of the year again when we are all frantically on the hunt for festive and budget steals. I've done my own fair share of 'market research' *cough* online and as usual, my wish list is filled to the brim, leaving my wallet on the edge... I thought I'd share with you what have caught my eye. ASOS is my absolute favourite place to shop online, and you know me – I'd only share with you what's good! ;-)

1. ASOS 90's Maxi Dress, S$25.16
It puzzles me why this dress is not selling out. It may be cause it's harder to wear due to its extreme low scooped back. This dress drifts towards the slinky side but at the same time, it can look really effortless with slouchy boots and some boho cardigan. I'd willingly find an occasion just to wear this dress...
@ulimali on Instagram
I already own this one! Except I got ripped off by paying $55 for it before discount >:( But you know, this is one of my most worn dresses and I received so many compliments with it! The minimal style will surprise you with an unique draped exposed back. Unexpectedly flattering. I like to wear it with a fancy bralet but I think a black bra will work just fine. Get it before it's gone! (I'm contemplating to get another in black.)
If this doesn't make you want to finally buy a maxi dress, I don't know what will. Eleven dollars for a maxi is a STEAL! Plus the split at the back is simply awesome. Don't say I never share good things with you. There's another three colours is red isn't your taste.
Okay...I know you must be thinking, "What's with Uli and maxi dresses?" I just love maxi dress because they're so easy to wear. I can never own enough maxi dress just as every girl can't have enough shoes. This tie dye one reminds me of the 90's. 

Fish nets are one of those things you either love or loathe. I honestly think this one is a little expensive (that's why I saved it to my wishlist) and there's a similar long sleeved one at H&M for only $39. It's funny how fishnet tanks remind me of toddler wear you'd find in Pasar Malams (a.k.a. Singapore night markets), yet they're the perfect fusion of sport jerseys meets Hip Hop. Very Rihanna-esque I would say. Oh and don't forget that gold chain.
I have been loving the look of crop tops recently, especially those with collars. I don't know if it's silly to want a denim shirt one but it looks so cute nonetheless. I also appreciate that it's not overly short so it's more forgiving.
Credit: Karla's Closet
It's pretty obvious that you know I love Cheap Monday by now. I happened to chance upon this outfit by Klara and I was SOLD. Just look at how insanely gorgeous she belted the side splits together with a Margiela white leather belt..exposing the slightest hint of her tattoo. Man, I want everything she's wearing. And I'm pretty happy that I found a similar one from Cheap Monday!
8. ASOS Harness Bralet, S$57.19
A lot of girls I know told me that they can't find a perfect layering bralet. I totally understand. The flimsy ones you see on local shops often have ridiculous floral prints or sewn-in cups that um, doesn't even fit. Also, I think it's pointless to wear a bra inside a bralet because that defeats the purpose right? I found one on ASOS that has harness details, padded and has a zip at the back. I think it'll look super edgy under sheer tops and quite honestly, it's okay to wear it alone; for appropriate occasions of course!

I'm constantly on the hunt for cute socks. I'm a socks person, even when wearing flats. I normally buy my socks from Daiso for $2 per pair, but I am obsessed over this pair. Purple is my favourite colour and they remind me of ballerina tutus! And that frill-socks-plus-sneakers pairing is just way cool. Sold.
I've heard lots of good things about this bronzer, particularly from one of my favourite vloggers Zoella. As its name suggests, it does actually smell like chocolate! I think it's a good alternative to NARS Laguna bronzer. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think locally it retails for at least $18. Better to order online!
Need a helping hand (literally)? Well then this might be the best thing you can get for yourself and your girlfriend. It wont only look perfect on your dresser, it'll hold all your rings, necklaces and bracelets that you're too lazy to put aside every night. I might as well hang my whole bag on it. 

Okay that's all from me for now! These items are still on my wish list and I honestly don't know which are worth my purchase. Leave me a comment letting me know which are your favourites cause I'm interested to know! Let's shop together!^^

All product images courtesy of ASOS.