Mink coat - c/o Dressabelle

Sheer knit maxi dress - H&M (similar here) | Silk romper - vintage

Gold cross earrings - H&M | Revlon matte lipstick in Wine Not

Creeper wedges - Underground Shoes

Silver harness - c/o O'ORO

Photos byYun Jing

How are Black Friday sales going for everyone? I don't remember sales ever being this mad. With ridiculously tempting discounts everywhere, it's hard to say I'm saving hard for a rainy day. It's funny how it's hot summer all year round in Singapore but I absolutely enjoying shopping for winter wear. Who doesn't love layering? I subconsciously shop for anything knitted and furry. I always imagine myself snuggling up with hot tea and TV shows in front of a fireplace...even though in reality it's the complete opposite. To be fair, well at least most malls in Singapore are cool enough.

I love faux fur coats but often they're either overly warm or bulky. Let's face it; in a tropical climate, nobody would carry a fur coat out just to wear for a few hours. I'm glad I found this faux mink one that's pretty cute and lightweight. I also appreciate the fact that it's well lined for comfort. Beneath it, I wore a knit maxi dress. Anything burgundy is perfect for the festive season and extremely flattering. I combated the sheerness by layering a silk romper underneath. I finished the look with metallic jewellery for an edgy vibe. Vampy! Just the way I like it.