Bali Itinerary Part 2: Seminyak

Welcome to the second and final part of the "Nigel and I" Bali Itinerary series. I'm so glad that many of you enjoyed part 1 and we are very encouraged by all the positive comments you have showered us with. Seminyak is like the city area of Bali and very popular for its beaches, shopping district and nightlife. Nigel and I spent 4 nights in Seminyak and we absolutely enjoyed our stay. Food and shopping were within reach, with its amazing beaches being our favourite part. So read on to see what we experienced in Seminyak!

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Common seating area

View of the pool (and Night stretching at the corner)

Forever 21 monokini

Bedroom with a pool view


Jalan Beraban Seminyak, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
USD$50+ per night

V Hotel was the complete opposite of Ubud's treehouse. It was located among the hottest neighbourhoods of Bali, very modern and well equipped. Sure I missed the space, silence and peace we had in the treehouse, but a comparison really wasn't valid because they each had their own unique perks. Since V Hotel is more friendly on the wallet and closer to airport, it made sense to us to spend majority of our trip here. We booked the hotel via Airbnb and upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly housekeepers who were very attentive to our needs. If I complained of mosquitoes, they would hand me a mosquito spray and even let me keep it the entire night lol. And when we needed directions, they would advise us. Although the hotel's reception counter is exposed to the streets, it didn't bother us because the rooms and pool were hidden away from the public. Personally, I really liked the open concept because I enjoy people watching.

The location was just fantastic. Initially, as Agus (our driver. read part 1 to know more about him) drove us to the hotel, we were skeptical as the neighbourhood appeared secluded despite having many other villas around. Later we found out that our hotel was only 10 minutes walk to the hottest street of Seminyak; where Ultimo (a popular Italian restaurant, more on it later) and Seminyak Square stood. There were also 24/7 mini marts within reach. So in a way our hotel was strategically located in the heart of Seminyak without compromising on privacy. The pool was a joy to see and splash in. Unlike the TV in the treehouse, V hotel's had tons of channels to surf so we never got bored. My favourite part of the hotel was the spacious bathroom which included a bath tub, rain shower and toilet with a glass window on the ceiling for natural light to beam through. If you are someone who would enjoy a bubble bath, you can also watch TV through the glass partition. All in all, I highly recommend this hotel because it's almost perfect for Nigel and I who wanted somewhere convenient and comfortable without having to spend a bomb.

Uli and I found this place very comforting to come back to after a long day as we found our room very cozy. The outdoor pool is great too, you can sunbath and take photos, it is mostly unused so you can have it to yourself most of the time. Best part about this place is its location, a 10 minute walk to what I feel is the most hip and happening street of Seminyak, Jl. Oberoi/Jl. Laskmana. (more on this later)

Mosquitos constantly appeared in the room although I sprayed insecticide every night. I had no idea where those annoying buggers came from. But the funny thing is I never got bitten throughout my stay, might be the fact that they were all male mosquitoes? So if that bugs you, it's good to bring a liquid electronic repellent as the hotel did not provide. Also, it's important to try requesting for a room that is close to the reception counter because the further away you are, the weaker the wifi strength. Nigel and I were located at the furthest room and had to deal with only using our phones at the reception haha (that's where we did all our Instagram updates!). Lastly, although shampoo and body wash was provided, toothbrush and toothpaste were not so it's best to bring your own toiletries.

There is a villa eatery in-house too but the waiting time for the sub-par food is far too long. Even if you are in a rush, I suggest you avoid ordering from the eatery as the food may take more time to arrive than the time needed to walk to a nearby minimart/restaurant and get your food. 

Pro tip: 
-If you're staying here, tell your driver "Beraban, in Seminyak area, 5 minutes drive from the inside road directly next to Ultimo. Open your eyes if not you'll miss this villa, it's just by the roadside. Look out for photo 7 in the airbnb villa listing , you'll see this as you drive by. 

-Ask the reception for their map, it's detailed and useful. Also, you can get them to get cabs for you but make sure you agree on a price first before getting the cab. Best is to go by meter.

Street view near our hotel, about 5 minutes walk.

Sweet Drug tank top, Cotton On shorts & jelly sandals, Charles & Keith tote

My favourite shop! Threads here are amazing imo. Price not so.

Interior of a Dickies store

I'm obsessed with the wallpaper.

Petrol were common seen stored in vodka bottles

Restaurant with exterior made out of wooden crates

A beach we discovered accidentally while we were lost. Just in time for the sunset!

Jalan Laskmana & area

The above pictures were taken along the busy streets around the neighbourhood, compiled from separate days of exploration. I can't pinpoint exactly where all the shops were as this paragraph is referring to the neighbourhood as a whole. There were tons of shopping, food, cafes and money changers everywhere. If you aren't sure where to go, you can check with your hotel because sometimes they provide a detailed guide of the surrounding area. I'd say there were a great variety of shops but goods were extremely expensive. For example, a local designer tank top can cost you USD$45. Bargaining was surprisingly harder than expected. So I suggest saving shopping for your last few days in Bali because it can really kill your wallet. Some shops accept cards but bear in mind that exchange rate will be bad. Personally I did zero shopping on clothes and only bought soap and fruits from local minimarts/ supermarkets. Those places offer fair priced items that cater to locals as well, so everything was cheap. You can also save your energy on bargaining. For Nigel and I, sightseeing was more than important. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes because it can get very hot! 

Bali isn't a fantastic place to shop, unlike Bangkok. Things are not cheap and you can't bargain much for clothes. Having said that, this is the best stretch of shopping in Seminyak, the hip and shopping district of Bali. Seminyak is not big at all, it consists of a few shopping stretches, that's it, one day is enough to explore it. There are several boutiques with nice, edgy clothes but they don't come cheap. Some shops accept cards but cash is king. In between the shops, there are hip cafes like Revolver Cafe, something like Singapore's hip Tiong Bahru area but Seminyak is bigger than that of course. Check out Drifter Shop, you won't miss it, it's huge. Check out  a shop named "This is a Love Song", Revolver cafe is just at the back of it.

Nigel the path finder

Cheap Monday shades, handmade wallet from Cambodia

Enjoying my ice latte (to be honest it tasted more like mocha, not sure why)

The Sea Circus restroom was rustically glamorous and amazing! 

Fish fillet tortillas with mango salsa and avocado

Grilled chicken burritos with salad

H&M top, no brand maxi skirt, Naraya tote, Cotton On sandals

Sea Circus
22 Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi Road

Sea Circus is a cheerful cafe, bar and ice cream parlour all in one. It was impossible to feel grumpy when you're surrounded by a sea of geometric patterns and eye popping interior. Definitely Instagram worthy for all you girls. I remember Nigel mentioning that the place was first recommended by Ladyironchef, and I must say the food did live up to standard. It's a great place for brunch and snacks. Nigel and I decided to try out some Mexican food as they're quite hard to come by in Singapore. We weren't disappointed at all, and were left full despite underestimating the dainty servings. If you're in for more, do try out their burgers as well. Staff were really friendly and we spent the rest of our time spamming our Instagram accounts.

You'll love the Mexican-inspired food especially the generous avocado serving! I would say this place is a MUST-GO simply because of the washroom haha, I love the décor here. 

White rice with fish otah and young bamboo shoot

Cold raw fish with potatoes

Made's Warung
Br. Seminyak Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 732130

An open concept restaurant and bar with contemporary Balinese decor and surrounded by boutiques. Comparable to Singapore's Chijmes. Serves mainly Balinese cuisine with other southeast Asian choices available as well, all were very reasonably priced. They also had a stage in the area for traditional Balinese performances, ideal for chilling at night. Most tables candle lit so it was super romantic. Food and service were excellent. Nigel and I went to the book store (also in the compound) because books were half price in Bali compared to back home.

I spoke to our driver Agus and a few cabbies and all of them spoke greatly of Made's Warung. One of the many places in Bali where you can get hearty food with great ambiance at more than affordable prices. Most importantly, check out the book store. Prices are dirt-cheap compared to Singapore, I left with 3 books in tow.

Organic seeds for sale

Seasoned tempeh with tomatoes, alfafa sprouts and tapioca fries 

Natural yogurt with granola and banana, cinnamon latte with a straw made from lemon grass

Earth Cafe (@downtoearthbali)
Jalan Lasmana no. 99, Oberoi, Seminyak Bali, Indonesia 80361
Tel: +62 (0) 361 736 645

This was the most unique cafe we've been in Bali because it serves organic vegetarian food. I am not an expert on organic food, but I am aware there seems to be a rising trend in organic lifestyle due to concerns on chemical use, pollution and cancer. The cafe had two sections; a cafe area and a groceries area. They carried all things organic from food to household products and tote bags. Every corner was meticulously arranged and they're definitely strong advocates for vegetarianism. My visit there did educate me and make me more informed about their cause and mission. Food wise, lots of choices for you to pick from. To me, organic food naturally tastes more bland than your average breakfast, but I was surprised to find myself full and energetic from a healthy breakfast. Prices were above average but the experience was well worth it. A must go for everyone!

Worth a visit because Singapore has nothing like this. It's on the best stretch of shopping in Seminyak so you can start your day with breakfast here or stopover here mid-day.

My face before the sea sickness began (fyi: wound on Nigel's face was from the Ubud cycling accident)

Why were my hands like that?
"Oh god, how long more am I supposed in this water?"

"I give up. Please get me back to the damn beach before I vomit."

Video of us snorkelling. Watch till end and see how I finally gave up.

Sea sports & activities
Nusa Dua Beach, Semenanjung Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua, Bali 80517
~USD$90 per pax for flying fish, parasailing and snorkelling
Prices vary depending on activities

*Not recommended*

A lot of people come here for a range of sea activities such as the sea walker, jet ski, banana boat and snorkelling etc. Google to find the entire list of activities and prices. But I must warn you that not only the service (generally) sucked, the prices were a rip off in my opinion. My advice to you is: only go if you truly enjoy water sports. Otherwise, don't.

I always had a goal in mind that I had to be adventurous and try out water sports in Bali. However, i don't think I enjoyed myself here at all. But let me put a disclaimer out there first, that all these are MY opinion and my feelings towards water sports, which may not be the same for you. Okay so basically when you reach Nusa Dua, you will be introduced to a menu of activities and prices. Do not be taken back by what you see because you can bargain up to 60%, depending on the package you pick. Most people pick between 2-3 activities. Agus also recommended us to pick more in order to save. In the end, we managed to settle on USD$90 for 3 activities, and even managed to have our underwater pictures taken for free (usually it's at additional cost). Towels and lockers were provided.

So let me talk about the flying fish first. It's basically a float-like thing led by a speed boat, which will result in the float suspending in air for a few seconds. The guy who instructed us couldn't even speak audible English and was super rude. A conversation with him went something like this:

Instructor: "You, you, come here! *hisses* Come, you! Come! Here! *hits the float and spits into the water* Where you from, you don't speak English?"
Us: "Singapore."
Instructor: "I fierce, you listen. Hold here, here. No! Here! Fuck. You listen to me!" *spits into water again and another countless times*

Urgh. That left us super pissed and confused so naturally we didn't enjoy the activity at all. So if you happen to get this dude, good luck man, or I suggest you don't pick flying fish at all. 

The second activity was parasailing. Basically you will be harnessed to a parachute and hold on to some ropes. You will start from the beach and as the speed boat accelerates, you will start to float into the air. Was it scary? The suspension wasn't the scary part, because I just felt weightless, but the rushed and impatient tone of the staff was what made me anxious. Like what if I never came back to the beach? What if I got strangled by the ropes... Anyway the suspension only lasted for about 40 seconds. Not worth the money if you do the calculations.

Last but not least, snorkelling. This was the sport I most anticipated, yet I didn't have the capacity to enjoy simply because I was sea sick. It was also the most value for money activity as it allowed you to snorkel for an hour! Yes I am very prone to sea sickness whenever I kayak or on boat, but it never occurred to me that I would be sick even when snorkelling! It's silly to think that just because I do fine in Adventure Cove (a simulated snorkel pool), that I will be okay in the real sea. We had to take a small boat towards a deeper sea area where the sea walkers were. You will be given a life jacket (optional), snorkelling googles and fippers. The snorkelling instructors were friendly. We couldn't see much in the waters as it's quite cloudy and didn't have corals, just fishes. The instructors would feed bread crumbs to attract fishes. I only lasted 15 minutes before I gave up, because even taking off my life jacket did not help at all. I also ended up gulping seawater. But to be fair, Nigel enjoyed snorkelling a lot. So I'd say sea sports is really subjective to your interests and capacity. Think wisely before making the decision!

I think all 3 activities lasted less than 2 hours? The service wasn't the best too and the activity was poorly-organised. Agus brought us to here because it was one of the places that allowed you to do a lot of activities at one spot. It's just a beach full of boats and activities. Not very crowded, it seems not all the tourists come here. It's at the south side of Bali, maybe 1 hour plus from Seminyak?  

Besides the activities we did, I saw wakeboarding, seawalker, scuba-diving, etc. I felt we could have bargained it to USD 60. Just bargain like hell, you realize they overcharge a lot once you do the activities as they are mostly short duration. One good thing is they have underwater cameras to take video and photos for you. So: bargain like hell and make sure the camera is included in the price because the photos and videos are quite clear and they will help you to take photos/videos. We only got it for the snorkelling though. They will show you everything then put them in a CD for you to keep at the end. 

Snorkelling was okay, you get to see fishes, water is visible enough and the guy was really nice, helping us take many photos and videos and throwing a lot of food for the fishes to come. Different activities, different people take charge so different service experience. 

Anyway, they will try to sell you the Seawalker activity a lot. Google it. Seems cool and all but I strongly discourage you from doing it as it's super expensive and quite pointless once you do snorkelling. It's either you do snorkelling or Seawalker. And whatever you choose, you do the activity at the SAME SPOT. Just imagine, the snorkellers at the surface of the water and the Seawalkers at the bottom, the depth is just like 10-15 meters ? You see the same things but pay different price. And if you can hold your breath, you can even swim down to the bottom. Thank god we didn't do Seawalker. I wore contacts, it's no issue.

Padang Padang beach

Padang Padang Beach
Jl. Labuhan Sait, Pecatu, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Padang Padang beach weren't on our list initially, but Agus urged us to check it out because he felt like it was the best understated beach around our area. According to him, this was also the exact beach Julia Roberts filmed a scene in movie Eat, Pray, Love. And true enough, it was a gem in disguise. Don't expect fancy day beds and bars, because Padang Padang is the type of beach that isn't commercialised. You have to take stairs down a very steep cliff so I don't recommend this place for the elderly and injured. It has a beautiful view, natural rock formations and waters safe for swimming and surfing. There are a couple of umbrellas around but you have to find your own spot. You will also find vendors selling snacks and beach blankets. This beach is quite crowded so it isn't ideal for photos. Another bad thing is that there's absolutely no shower, changing rooms and has only 1 restroom at the top of the hill and which you have to pay for a use. It's not clean either, yikes. Therefore it's best to visit at the end of the day so that you can go back to your hotel immediately to wash up.

It probably can't be seen clearly from the photos above but the surf's pretty decent here. I saw many surfers and there were surfboards for rent too. Bring your own beach mats, sunblock, shades and towels. 

The lighting was so perfect. How could we leave without doing a mini photo shoot?

"Eh does my insurance cover me if I fall off?"

Uluwatu Temple
Jl. Raya Uluwatu | Kuta Selatan, Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia
20,000 idr per pax (~SGD$2.50)

Last stop of our 'wet' day was to see the famous Uluwatu temple. It's a good idea to see Uluwatu temple after Padang Padang beach because it is just a short drive away. Agus recommended us to visit before sun down as that is when the view is most spectacular. He also shared with us that Uluwatu temple is one of the oldest temples in Indonesia and it's not open to public. A small fee was required for entry to the cliffs and a Sarong will be provided for guests put on. A word of caution: Agus told us to be careful of monkeys and try not to wear any jewellery or sunglasses as they might get snatched away by monkeys. Cameras are fine. The view from the cliff top was breathtaking and gorgeous. 

Just come before sunset for the sunset, reach about 5:30 pm? 30 minutes is all you need here.

Merah Putih
Jl. Petitenget No.100x, Kerobokan
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Phone: (0361) 8465950

A gorgeous and high class restaurant that serves traditional and contemporary Balinese cuisine. A must go for everybody, also recommended by Ladyironchef. Everything from the decor to service were excellent. The interior was dim and air-conditioned, and you need to be dressed smart casual (e.g. at least a polo, no tank tops. Sleeveless okay for ladies) to enter. I did not take pictures of food as lighting was impossible. But I highly recommend their sambal kang kong dish!

Incredible food at a beautiful classy restaurant that fuses local delights with a modern twist for affordable prices, accompanied with great service. They have a cocktail bar here so it's great to come here and knock back a few drinks with friends. 

Revolver cafe was located in a small alley, hidden away from the main street

Iced latte

Omelette with sour dough toast and baby spinach 

Poached eggs and avocado on toast

Revolver Cafe
Jalan Kayu Aya No 3, Oberoi, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: 0361 788 4968
Enter from This Is A Love Song Store

If you're entering the cafe from broad daylight, make sure to allow your eyes some adjustment time for this dimly lit cafe. It's pretty hidden so make sure to look out for the sign on the main street. They served a variety of brunch mains and coffee, reasonably priced and really delicious. Their iced latte was the best coffee I've tasted in Bali. I was also in love with the cozy rustic interior that has a western cowboy flair. Highly recommended for coffee lovers!

This place rocks for its coffee, brunch and decor. Love hidden cafés? This is for you.

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Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 755 676
SGD$41 per pax exclusive of lockers

Waterbom theme park makes Singapore's Adventure Cove look like a children's playground. Although the tickets were expensive, we think that it's worth every penny because it was so good. It's a mega sized water park with rides that are rated mellow, moderate and extreme. But to be honest, I can tell you that majority of the rider were extremely thrilling apart from the kids rides of course. My must-try rider are: Climax (damn freaking scary, took me half a day to give it a try), Boomerang (the wet version of vikings) and Python (a floaty ride that goes into complete darkness). Not to worry because all the rider were safe, just extremely intimidating. The park was very organized and clean with a unique no-cash payment system. Basically, you prepay money into a wrist band and all transactions will happen by scanning the wristband so you don't have to worry about bringing cash. There were tons of food places, ice-cream and even nails/braiding/massage services around the park! Do try the chilli and button corn on cob if you see it, it's the most delicious thing! If you are planning to go Waterbom, make sure to bring some sunscreen and set aside a day to complete all the rides.

Loads. Of. Fun. In my opinion, if there's one place that's a must-go for fun, this is it. This place is well-organized, super fun and much better than Adventure Cove in Singapore, albeit much expensive but it's worth the price. Uli and I really enjoyed ourselves here. Best part? It isn't crowded at all, there were people but for all the rides, we queued for less than a minute. Unlike adventure cove. What was great was that there were a good variety of food options so you don't have to choose just one place to eat at, unlike adventure cove. The most special thing is the payment system. Cash is not accepted inside the park itself. Once you pay for your ticket outside, you can deposit $ inside a wristband to pay for things like cheap lockers and food. Means you don't have to carry and count cash in the park, which is awesome once you do it. Try the butter corn stand, it's great. Word of caution though, the rides are ALL thrilling. There is no kiddy adult ride for the timid adult, all of them has a high level of thrill, especially the CLIMAX. You can't consider yourself as a visitor of Waterbom if you didn't ride CLIMAX. It's an insane ride, you can Google Waterbom and see it for yourself!

Aglio Olio

Hawaiian pizza 

Jalan Laksmana 104 Oberoi, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 738 720

Ultimo was our favourite restaurant in Seminyak. Very popular among everyone and worth the hype. They serve Italian cuisine that are super wallet friendly. The environment, service and food were excellent. Recommended by Ladyironchef as well. We loved this place so much that we went 2 times throughout our stay. Remember to try out the bread and cheese sticks they serve you just after you sit down!

Everyone knows Ultimo because everyone loves Ultimo. In my opinion, it is the leading restaurant in Seminyak. Till today, I reminisce about Ultimo when I have Italian food. The service was exquisite, the lighting was intimate, the food was glorious, my wallet was happy and the experience was impeccable.

Chicken tortila wraps

The vacation burger

Jalan Lebak Sari No 7 Petitenget 
Tel: +62 361 739090

A stand alone coffee house that offers coffee, brunch and wines. Prices were pretty expensive and food was average. I'm neutral about this place.

No Go Pro, no problem!

H&M Jaws tank, Uniqlo skorts

Nigel and I loved to travel by foot whenever we could, because there were so much to see and breathe in. I urge you to do the same!

Walk when you can, ask the hotel reception or mini-mart cashiers if your destination is far from where you are. Most of the time, it is nearer than you think and actually walk-able. Towards the last few days when Uli and I was running low on $, we walked to our destinations and so many was actually just 15-20 mins walk away! Saved us a lot on cabs.

You can book a day bed before hand and own it for the day as long as you spend more than USD$50 with the beach bar.

Pool side bar

The waves were really strong! Too dangerous for swimming, which explains the empty sea.

Winnie Polly Python bikini c/o Triangl

Exterior of the beach club of what seemed like restored window louvres

Potato Head Beach Club
Jln. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Potato Head is probably the most raved about beach club you'd hear from anyone who had gone Bali. And yes, it's really worth the hype. We spent our last day just sunbathing and enjoying the pool. I did not want to leave. Beach club admission is free but you're not allowed to bring outside food. Drink from your own bottle discreetly. There's no hard rules whether you decide to spend or not. Us being thrifty Singaporeans survived the entire afternoon with a fresh coconut which cost us USD$4. Coconuts are very cheap in Bali and more hydrating than water. The 'infinity' pool was a fantastic spot for suntanning or chilling with a drink. Wish I took more pictures! I never got bored of people watching, especially when everyone else looked smoking hot in their bikinis while I'm just trapped in a 12 year old's body haha! There were no lockers but many guards around so it's safe to leave your belongings at your table. No proper showers but there were outdoor shower and changing room. The beach is a must for photos, but due to the strong waves, the guards will not allow you to swim. I will definitely go back the next time I'm in Bali.

You can walk to the beach through this beach club and not pay a single cent, no entry fee unlike other beach clubs. The beach is really beautiful, not crowded at all, no ugly ships AT ALL! The horizon is gorgeous. You can practically do a photoshoot here and have no ugly things in the background. You can suntan here without paying anything. BUT, the waves are super strong, no swimming is allowed and there are no lifeguards. You can just frolic near the shores, it's fun enough. Make Potato Head a to-go!

That is all from our Bali vacation! I really hope our recommendations have helped you in some way. Remember to read Bali Itinerary Part 1: Ubud if you have not. Thank you so much for staying till the end and feel free to leave us comment or question! In any case you might be interested in Nigel's self curated itinerary (Excel format), you can request a copy by email and please be nice. 

Additional references that will enhance your stay in Bali: