Honey Mustard

Vintage blouse - thrifted in Bangkok

Silk handkerchief - Mom's vintage
Came across the most random dresser in the middle of the street. Red lipstick still in place – checked.

Maxi dress (work as skirt) - c/o Dressabelle

Faux fur snap closure bag - c/o O'ORO | Vintage Cadali Taylor watch - c/o Late Rabbit

Brown leather oxford boots - Taobao

MAC matte lipstick in Chili | Earrings - Mom's vintage

Photos by Yun Jing

You might have noticed that I am darker than usual. The vacation in Bali plus a day at Adventure Cove last week has left me with a golden 'glow' which also makes me look more athletic than I am (not that I mind). For a long time I knew what worked best on my naturally fair skin – black, jewel tones, burgundy etc. I remained in my comfort zone until I actually got a drastic tan. It's ridiculous how I always feared getting dark because besides the need for a foundation change, I was worried the colours I loved won't flatter me anymore. But since I've already gone 3 shades darker, I might as well embrace it!

I discovered a whole new colour palette that works now, and I have gravitating a lot towards white (awesome contrast against the tan), earthy tones and mustard. I consider mustard to be a tricky colour, because it is neither saturated nor bright...a dusty yellow that no one knows how to deal with. But over time, it began to grow on me because it has that vintage aged appeal. I love the seventies inspired print on my long dress and layered a vintage blouse over it with sleeves rolled up to keep things casual. I thought the dainty collar and double buttoned panel on the blouse really amped up the vintage vibe. I kept the overall colour scheme rather consistent, then threw on the cutest faux fur bag to complete the look. In a way, my outfit looks very granny chic! Snap-closure bags remind me of coin purses people used to store their change in, and it looks absolutely adorable when enlarged in size. Wearing vintage earrings and silk scarf that are hand me downs from my mom, I felt like as if I went back in time. Someone take me to good ol' picnic date now!