Be My Samurai

Kimono cardigan - c/o Dressabelle

Saya crop top - Feist Heist

Porcelain style earrings - Forever 21

Wide navy palazzo pants - c/o Dressabelle

Wooden platforms - Hong Kong

Photos by Corinne

Kimonos to me are one of the most sensual yet understated traditional costumes. Instead of showing off conventional beauty features such as a tiny waist, full bust or milky white skin, the Kimono reveals a woman's wrists and nape. A woman in Kimono is restricted in movement, but she keeps her poise by taking small steps and holding a straight posture. Those are just some things I admire in a Japanese woman with such grace and modesty. I have never worn an actual Kimono before, but with the trend slowly creeping its way into festival fashion collections and streets, I admit that it's growing on me too. I have finally found the perfect Kimono cardigan to my taste and I am obsessing over the delicate oriental print. My favourite detail is the phoenix because it makes me feel menacing Samurai, now all I'm missing is a sword! The wide sleeves allow just enough room for the fabric to gather as you raise your arms and the tapered waist keeps me from being swallowed in all that airy volume. Oh and wait till you feel the satin smooth inner lining...I never want to take it off.