Go Slow


Distressed denim button up - c/o Fash Mob
Faux leather circle leather skirt - Forever 21
Cross belt - H&M
Pascal boots - Dr. Martens
Round shades - from Shanghai
Gold plated watch - Casio

With my HAIM playlist on replay and sucky weather, my wardrobe calls for g r u n g e. When I say sucky weather, I mean fickle lighting which started from low key to cloudy and finally rain, all within the span of thirty five minutes. The last thing I wanted to wear was dainty jewellery and stilettos on a day like this. I think I have grown out of grunge slightly over the years, trying to grow up and avoid looking like I have trouble getting my life together. Sometimes grunge can be a little intense and serious for a day out. Perhaps you could try something I'd like to refer to as "preppy grunge"; my self defined genre of grunge that doesn't require ripped holes and safety pins while still retaining that anti-fashion spirit.

I learnt from school that when grunge first popularised, people would source second hand clothes from thrift stores with common choices including oversized flannels and beaten up Converse sneakers. From this you can tell how people rebelled against the idea of mass produced apparel and big brands. But in this day and age, with technologies that actually age your clothes professionally (yes, Diesel does that to their jeans), you spare yourself digging through piles of clothes in the thrift store! My "distressed" button up shirt does just that for my grunge look, making me look like as if I've owned it for years when it's really brand new. I also notice how the distressed style isn't overdone, appearing to have just the right amount of age, looks great even on the inside as I cuff up the sleeves. I cannot have enough button ups in my wardrobe because they can be worn alone, layered, around the waist...options are limitless. It'll come in handy when I'm travelling to Taiwan next week!

Grunge isn't really complete with leather, which I always tend to go overboard with. Leather bag, dress and shoes...acceptable by my standards lol! Unlike pants, leather skirts still manageable in humid weather. I belted it to keep away from looking too sloppy. With my shirt buttoned fully, I think my "preppy grunge" look could do with slightly messier hair, which I have styled using Toni & Guy's (@toniandguyhmw_sg) Casual Sculpting Powder. It's basically a sticky powder that works from roots and creates an airy but matte texture. Pretty useful in summer I'd say, plus you don't even need other tools besides fingers.

Photos by my dearest Nigel. We proceeded to lunch and desserts after getting those photos!