Blind Spot

A line dress with hidden buttons - c/o Dressabelle
Silver chunky chain necklace - ASOS
Tie up booties - Shanghai
Lipstick - Revlon's Wine Not

There are two things on my mind at this very moment. One, I really need a haircut and two, it's time to revisit dark lipsticks again. Have to admit, maintaining tamed hair ends (not looking like my hair carved from the shape of pillow or sticking out like ducktails) is my biggest challenge for having short hair. As we gradually anticipate fall season, I am definitely looking forward to darker colour palettes and texture play. The hair might go shorter this weekend with season change as a reasonable excuse. ;-) If anything, a dark vampy lip is the ultimate fall look for me. A rich, deep berry colour is not always welcoming but never fails to make me feel extra special. It's only instinctive to wear a dark lip with dark clothes but sometimes it gets too heavy. Well unless I'm going for a Wednesday Addams vibe one day, an all-white look would be my second best alternative. There's something stark and outstanding about dark makeup on a clean white ensemble. I added a necklace for iridescence and combat style block heels that are edgy and practical. Dark on light, tough on polished – just my idea of a pretty awesome casual look.