Peplum romper - c/o Dressabelle
Soft leather boxy backpack - c/o Dressabelle
Choker - c/o Dressabelle
Mars sunglasses - c/o Cheap Monday
20-eyelet boots - c/o Dr. Martens

Researching on trends is just one aspect of my school work. One of the upcoming trends for FW 2015 is 'vintage futurism' which marries graphics and silhouettes of the sixties with futuristic materials. Side tracking a bit; the guys from Cheap Monday were too kind to have sent me this lucite framed, ultra reflective sunglasses named Mars. The accessory is so dope that I felt inspired to style an outfit that is futuristic that is simple yet stands out. I could say that the colours are pretty boring this time, but it's really about the shape and contrast in textures. The metallic choker was a great highlight piece against the black. The key to pulling off over the top boots is making sure the proportions are right. The height of them made up how short the romper was. It was a scorching hot afternoon during shooting but with such an out-of-world setting and clear blue skies, I felt like I was walking on space!

Photos by Corinne.