Shades Of Cool

^ My favorite nail colour at the moment: Dark Room from 3.1 Phillip Lim X NARS Limited Edition polishes. It's a very dark tinted navy blue, like a really dark washed pair of jeans!

Oversized sleeve blouse - c/o Dressabelle
Satin floral pencil skirt - c/o Dressabelle
Turban - gift from Zheng Ning
Leather oxford boots - Shanghai
Watch - Vintage Cadali Taylor c/o Late Rabbit
Lip colour: Revlon balm stain in Romantic

Blue: the colour that has been repeating a lot in my every day wardrobe choices. Commercially, neutrals are normally defined by white, beige, browns and black but may I suggest blue as an outstanding member of the neutrals club? Well to be specific, navy blue is my nomination of choice for being universally flattering and so easy to find in the market. I'm not naturally drawn to floral prints but when I do, I prefer toned down variations such as floral print in monochromatic order. For instance, the floral pencil skirt I'm wearing today has white flowers that stands out against a navy blue background. The satin material gives it a rich and luxurious impression, reminding me of that Kimono cardigan I wore awhile ago. If I went on analysing this skirt I could even say that it's almost 'cultural' to me, like porcelain vases from ancient China. To keep things less serious, I decided to just wear my trusty leather boots, especially when it has been raining a lot lately and heels would be really impractical. Finally, the turban was just a last minute random addition. It's not everyday that I would pick out head pieces so since I'm working a cool palette why not pull it in? Besides, it was a life saver for a bad hair day. 

Photos by Rumin.