Anything Goes

Vest - c/o Dressabelle
Blouse - Taiwan
Skirt - Shanghai
Socks - Qoo10
Sandal clogs - borrowed
Lips - NARS Audacious lipstick in Marisa

A few years ago when I began to really care about fashion, I would spend the night before meticulously planning my look, making sure the colours matched, that I didn't look funny, and considering I might impress the people I meet. Sometimes we care too much about flattery and preconceived ideas of whats right what's wrong. Those were the days (evident on my LB account) when my makeup was so on point, and I have to say – perhaps at times overdone. But gone are the days of precision. I feel like my style is transiting into something that's a lot more spontaneous and unexpected. I love capturing feelings, more so than I'm concerned about a certain 'look', I often throw in things together and if it looks okay, it works. Layering three long pieces at once and sandals with socks? Anything goes really! 

Photos by Rumin.