Project Week Uniform

Turtle neck crop top - ASOS
Leather jacket - Taiwan
Midi skirt - c/o KLARRA
Leather pointed flats - ASOS

Project week – love it or hate it, to me it's just a battle of freedom and responsibilities. I wake up, realise I should have woken up earlier, make myself a coffee, start getting ready for project meetings, wish I could just stay at home...the mental war goes on. Sounds familiar? Okay the ranting stops here. On a positive note, I'm happy to have gotten enough sleep this week, and even managed to shoot this outfit post for you amidst all that to-dos. A shout out to Faith for helping me out with the photos! This is what I wore to school for a project meeting. If you have been noticing from my Instagram, I'm having a serious turtle neck phase at the moment. I wear my turtle necks with everything, and my inner hoarder is urging me to stock up in every colour. Not sure if it's due to my excitement for the launch of the new iPhone (um, in honor of Steve Jobs, ok?) or it's the merciless air conditioner in school. My poor exposed neck feels like it's about to trigger a cough all the time. Then, as part of my 'uniform', the midi skirt and flats come in. Flats because I'm always rushing for time and midi skirts because they're my favourite. I pretty much live in midi skirts, jeans and trousers at school. My latest midi addition is one that's stark and graphical yet surprisingly versatile with my existing wardrobe. The pattern of what looks like brush strokes injects energy, resembling abstract expressionism art from the 60s. Always love an unexpected touch!

Photos by Faith of Missterfaith.