Backyard Morbidity

Dress - Pop Boutique London, ASOS
Melting latex leggings - URB Clothing
Socks - Shanghai
Mary-janes - Dr. Martens
Lips: Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem
Eyes: Lime Crime Grunge Palette

On Wednesdays we wear black

I feel like I'm reliving my teenage rebelling phase, going against the currents of everything conventional. Those were the years when teen Uli's free time revolved around leaving testimonials on Friendster, sending mp3 files over MSN and browsing Emily The Strange merchandise (which I never bought online because shipping then was sky-rocketing for a high school student). I think my interest for the Goth subculture stemmed from childhood, with The Addams Family being my earliest memory. I watched them on Cartoon Network, recalling quite vividly its catchy theme song and bizarre storyline. Thinking back, it was a pretty morbid children film, isn't it?

So long story short, Jing and I decided to go ahead and shoot a Wednesday Addams inspired photo story. A serious collared dress and child-like Mary-Janes are musts for Wednesday. Lucky me scored this dress for just $16. I layered some sick latex leggings beneath to make the outfit more graphic and slightly grotesque, a juxtaposition against the prim frock. The makeup played a big part too, with key products being the matte lip paint and rusty eyeshadows from Lime Crime.

No doubt my style evolved over the years, but I have always felt a dark, somber undercurrent to them. Because of how dramatic a full blown gothic look normally is, I was often hesitant. Not sure if it's the recent gothic inspired runway shows or just instincts, lately I have not been holding back. This may sound exaggerating but I even wrote an essay on the Goth subculture for my university assignment! Yeah...this urge must have been accumulating this years. Wonder how long will this phase last. For now, I'll be living in my leather gear, harness and dark lips.

Photos by Yun Jing