Nifty Fifty's Food Diaries

My new prime lens – the Canon 50mm – is a game changer. Its hype among amateurs and pros is pretty substantial, and I can hardly put my camera down ever since. I like to think of it as "cheat lens" for its godly abilities to make any photo look really good..almost professional. 

Because of its winning bokeh effect a.k.a. DOF, it has developed a strange inclination towards mini objects like food. It's like my new hobby to photograph and document what goes into my belly, photos which I look back at whenever I'm feeling bummed. A quote in Vogue accurately describes this satisfaction, "there's certainly a bridge between food and fashion. Both create beautiful things that inspire, indulge and free the creative mind". I have no intentions of becoming a food blogger but man, admit that the 50mm is definitely the secret to being one.

Butter waffles topped with vanilla ice-cream and caramel popcorn


Even average fish ball noodles from the hawker can look appetising (bowls play a part too).

This 3-month old restaurant cafe is worth a mention. Cafe hopping is getting overrated and it's a new game of sifting through an endless list of pretentious hipster hangouts with over boiled coffee. But AEIOU is one unique spot with a charming interior assembled in mismatched, restored furniture, and quirky collectibles. I have nothing to complain about the food either. They're healthy, simple, wholesome and fairly priced.

Semi-cooked sunny side ups with garden vegetables, toast and pesto sauce
Avocado cake with nut crumbs. That Pantone plate thou...
Ice-blended avocado puree and espresso shots
Denim dress - Mango
Wooden box sling - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Oxfords - Bass by Rachel Antonoff

MARS by Mixes From Mars
Oh wow, who knew drinks were this fancy nowadays? I could be the only one confused with bar menus, it feels like looking at a menu in foreign language. Besides roughly knowing that's a Bloody Mary or Shirley Temple, I relied on illustrations (luckily) for everything else. MARS bar is really something with lots of custom, innovative drinks I never could have imagined. I forgot what these drinks are called but they're even more delicious than they look.