The World Is My Oyster

Kerra lace coordinate - c/o KLARRA
Payton clam clutch - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Lace up heels - Shanghai
Lipstick - Wine Not by Revlon

The sun has been consistently out this past month or so. With just a few days to my year two final submissions, I can hardly wait for the summer break. I have plans of traveling to Europe in mid June, but short term wise, I really just need a good chill-out session at the pool and karaoke.

Meanwhile, I try to strike a good balance between my deadlines and dreams. I want to travel so badly, feel the sand, the sea, but before the heavenly pleasures it's still me and the concrete jungle. My real priorities are about finding a summer job, making meaningful relationships and keep my grades in check. On a brighter side, my problems are not unique. Every young person would be put in cross junctions some point or another.

This outfit is my take on being an 'industrial mermaid'. The delicate oceanic oyster clutch was what I built the rest of the outfit on. Quirky accessories are my thing because they add so much flavour to the image you're trying to create. Its tiny size is not a bit compromised for details, with each pearl painstakingly sewn on to create a luxurious surface.

The two-piece set has the loveliest scallop lace frills which are highly reminiscent of the 1930s flapper style. The ultra short crop top gives it an update and looks incredible with anything high-waisted, while its intricate texture keeps the monochromatic outfit fancy. I like how its choppy frills look like a pre-worn pirate garment, washed up the shores to be restored again. Now the finishing touch – wavy hair (which only took me 5 minutes to curl) that makes my mermaid idea so much more believable.

Photography by Yun Jing