Bernice & Leroy

When Leroy and Bernice asked me to produce a photo series of them together, of course I'd say yes. I have known the pair close to a decade, and which they have been dating for five..six years. See, I've lost count. I rarely get to go behind the lens for purposes beyond school and work, so like an amateur holding a sophisticated DSLR for the first time, I was brimming with ideas on how to photograph my friends. Creative freedom feels great. I dislike overly romanticised photographs. Romance is boring but enduring, it is genuine, not something you create out of bouquets and flower crowns. Not only they take too much effort, I think often the couple ends up so worried about the photos such that it's no longer fun. Besides, I should mention that this is not even close to an engagement shoot << disclaimer here. Pasarbella is a fun indoor place for unconventional pictures. Not many people have photographed there yet. Its out-of-town location feels like an adventure and the vibe was great too. Just be subtle about it because it's likely the manager will question you. There's a fine line between Instagram and commercial shoot so be calm should you get into trouble.

Pasarbella and Riders' Cafe are geographically close yet annoyingly inaccessible. A car will make this mini road trip a breeze. While I really preferred an outdoor environment, I hate to break the news to you that the cafe's famous botak tree is now claimed private property a.k.a. no access. No wonder everyone's found an alternative at Punggol. Oh what a big fat disappointment. More beautiful things are becoming exclusive everyday, God knows when you're no longer allowed to photograph a street lamp. Hence, we settled for the open road and it turned out not as bad as I'd imagined.

Featuring: Bernice Leong and Leroy Lim
Photography: me