King's Landing

Maxi dress - ASOS
Wide circle belt - ASOS
Necklace - ZARA
 Natalia platforms - c/o Loly In The Sky
Tote bag - handmade by mom

It's officially less than a month to Nigel and I's month long Europe trip. I'm feeling jittery and excited, making endless lists in my head. I can hardly contain myself, because I have never travelled out of Asia (besides to the middle east that one time) in my entire life, neither have I spent a month away from home. But it feels great to run away, get a change of scenery and open my eyes to the real world where it's cruel yet filled  with forgiveness. Imagine meeting strangers whom I would begin friendships afresh, reside in a temporary apartment where I can myself and it's okay. No strings attached. Imagine seeing Victorian castles and historic European architecture all in front of me...how I have dreamt all these years and they're finally turning into reality. Can I take the adrenaline when it comes? Will I be quick to document and secure those memories forever? Or should I stay still and live in the moment? Will my eyes capture all that happens in a day? This sense of rebellion and need for adventure; maybe that's what drives people forward in their twenties. I never want to lose this passion. Perhaps, the wild wild world out there is simply a better place than home for now.

Photography by Yun Jing.