Down by the river by the boats
Where everybody goes to be alone
Where you won't see any rising sun
Down to the river we will run

When that old river runs pass your eyes
To wash off the dirt on the riverside
Go to the water so very near
The river will be your eyes and ears

If you are into haunting, borderline dark indie music, you have to give Agnes Obel a listen (click play above). I discovered her recently on Spotify and was immediately charmed, album after album. She plays the piano a lot, somewhat resembling Birdie, but an eerier rendition. Does that make sense? I'm not the best as describing music but her tunes bring melancholy.

I'm easily inspired by film and music. Riverside alone was enough to spark a lookbook for me. The translation is earthy, ethnic and free. A mini road trip with friends brought us to an industrial area of Singapore where its emptiness and untouched landscape helped elevate a sense of freedom. No one else was watching and basically there were no pressure for creativity.

I selected a black midi fringe dress which I thought was most appropriate for its surroundings. It has some tribal trimmings on its hems and sleeves, and a web cut-out on the back. Fringe is the best thing to wear if you intend to capture wind and movement. The plain fields really allowed my outfit to stand out. My fast growing hair is such an enemy for coloured hair. But I feel like with a similarly warm toned makeup look and accessories, the black roots didn't really matter. Having said that, I should plan to touch up soon...

Photography by Yun Jing.

Fringe dress - 迷阵原创
Handmade flats - Shanghai
Feather necklace - ZARA
Eyes - Lime Crime Venus eyeshadow palette
Lips - MAC Viva Glam Riri in Nude & lip liner in Underground