Middle Earth


How are you guys finding the embedded soundtrack on my blog so far? The idea came when I realised there are only so much – within my limited language abilities – I could write about what I'm wearing. I'm not some fashion magazine writer who can churn out a hundred ways to describe a little black dress, neither do I think it's that necessary for my blog because most likely you can see it for yourself. 

The hardest thing to write about for me is my inspiration and process. Like I've mentioned before, music inspires me a lot and my outfits and work in general are often direct translations of a tune in my head. And for that, I think the best way I can communicate with you is by inviting you to hear what I hear. I will aim to include music consistently in the future. It's also a way for me to consistently discover new artists.

Continuing from my previous post Wastelands, I transitioned using one of the oldest tricks in my book – a quick swap of lip colour. Salem is an amazing brown based burgundy that is opaque and very lasting. However, a lip liner will help. This boho-mixed-steampunk look takes me to a post-apocalypse world. The ancient map on my 'Middle Earth' dress was the perfect piece to rock, since my imagination is very much fictional. Ironically, I don't know anything about the Hobbit. Apologies.

I am so happy with how the photos turn out that I could churn out a couple more outfits of similar styles. I think Jing did a fantastic job colour treating the photos. She just gets me. She sees what I see. It's very strange how we've only met two years ago yet I feel like I've known her for ages. Oh and in case you're wondering, that eagle in the first picture was meticulously photoshopped in. We love photoshop but we don't take it too seriously. Raw picture is still king.

The Hobbit Middle Earth dress - Blackmilk Clothing
Fringe kimono - Topshop (similar by ASOS)
Fringe boots - Shanghai
Feather necklace - ZARA

Photography by Yun Jing