Fragments Of Time

Picnic with Nigel at the Singapore Botanical Gardens, November 2014.

En route to Jurong East MRT and bus interchange, early 2015. 

A dear friend with her daughter, February 2015.

At the Fullerton Hotel dressed in ZARA lace dress, February 2015. 

Spent a day at my late grandfather's Shanghai home after he passed away in June 2015.
My grandfather was a physics professor. His home was soulful but humble. Your space reflects your character.

Surprise birthday celebration with my best friend Mandy, November 2015. I had turned 22.

Christmas house party with a pine tree, December 2015.

Yun Jing at the National Gallery of Singapore, December 2015. 

St. Jerome's Laneway music festival with Nigel and Nic, January 2016.

Yun Jing at Mosburger, February 2016.

Failed attempt of a self-portrait, dressed in vintage French Connection, February 2016.

Today, I sent in my long-accumulated Kodak negatives to develop. It's always an exciting process because by the time I finally made it to shot number 36, which took me two years, I would have forgotten completely what was in there. In a hyper-instant digital world like today, the beauty of film photography lies in not knowing, which is liberating and really hones your eye for detail. On the other hand, it is daunting to realise how limited our memory is. If I couldn't even recall capturing a moment just two years ago, what would make me visualise my twenties on my deathbed?

Shot on my thrifted Pentax ESPIO98M. Photos unedited, selective photos desaturated. Negatives developed at Triple D Minilab Centre, Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189649.