Der Erlkönig

You told me of your heart 
A cold tile cavern bathed in dark
And earthy roots hanging from within 
To shed some light the fire must get in
Just a harbour no one's in
An empty salt filled skin

It had been years of not reading and I'm was not proud of it. I made a promise to myself earlier this month that I will pick up a book and read it seriously, and so I did, and I haven't regretted a moment. I have been rediscovering what seems to be my favourite genre – fairytales. Girls, vampires, kings and knights, forest nymphs...I'd read anything. Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber', a collection of short stories, is my current read and it has already taken me to the depths of my imagination. Naturally, I felt inspired to style an outfit which I think channels my mood at the moment. I also threw in some of my favourite writings by Carter – namely from chapters of The Erl King and The Lady of the House of Love. I Hope you feel something magical from these visuals and text like I do!

I'm wearing a vintage 70's Candies Jones maxi dress, vintage mom's studs, vintage Casio watch, and leather boots.