Time Travelling with The Balm

I don't have a direction for this blog post. It's quite blurry but I felt compelled to share some random photographs I snapped over the weekend. The fact that I'm currently working full-time at an office job means very limited exposure to natural afternoon light and time in solitude. My days seem incredibly short, oh dear...

On a positive note, The Balm Cosmetics sent me a whole bunch of makeup products for me to play with and a girl cannot be more excited in the presence of colours, textures and...different faces to put on! I feel like a little girl whose Christmas present came early. What a mood booster! I'm smiling ear to ear. I have always adored The Balm for its tongue-in-cheek branding and retro product design. Of course, not forgetting my praises its product payoff, for it is as promising as the sun.

I spent a good afternoon on Sunday gathering random items in my bedroom, anything from vintage fashion magazines to my cute clamshell purse, arranging them in any way I felt like. I simply enjoy moments like this when creativity flows naturally. While we shouldn't rely on material things to bring us joy, surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects could really tease our imagination. For me, it's to time-travel.

Products featured: Instain powder blush, Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick, c/o The Balm Cosmetics.