Gems and stones

Adorable Jibbitz on Raymond's Crocs

I hate Crocs in general, but in my opinion those coloursful oversized ones on kids are just too cute!

Applying a fresh shade of nude lippy. I was using MAC's peach stock

The weather for the past two weeks have been crazy. It's so hot everywhere, it's quite impossible to stay out without having to squint your eyes against the sun. During days like these I become extremely irritable and lazy! Hate summer. I'm so happy with the pictures though! Most were taken at the car park within church compound. Such a peaceful, lovely place with perfect lighting and some privacy.

Blazer - Mandy's, vintage blouse - Victoria Jomo, suede wedged booties - flea market

Mandy kindly lent me her turquoise blazer, I love it so much! Isn't it gorgeous? I rarely see turquoise blazers anywhere, in fact I've never seen one in retail stores. Zara offers many colours such as green, orange and pink, but why don't they make turquoise ones?!

Close up on accessories + aviators from Salvation Army

Joel and I

The focus of my outfit was definitely on the blouse. It's truly vintage, and probably tailored to fit. The shoulders are slightly puffed up and has a tapered waist. I love how the shoulders are masculine, yet delicate with the colours and details. Such a beauty! Purple is my favourite colour and I think it goes amazing well contrasted with greens. A vintage blouse isn't the most versatile thing to wear cause it tends to look old fashioned and awkward, it took me awhile to think of a way to wear it. I'd wear it as outer wear on days I feel less daring

What do you think? Would you wear something like this? If yes, what will you pair it with?