Hong Kong & Macau

My parents
1 of the 6 D.Marts outlets in Hong Kong
Happy birthday Dad
Typical breakfast
School girls (one of them displaying 'peace' sign while realizing she was in my frame. Oh hi :) )

A street stall displaying jade of different sorts

Can someone kindly tell me what are those?

Long overdue pictures.

I visited Hong Kong and Macau over the last term break with my family. The 5-days trip was so rushed and pack that I barely had enough rest and time to take photographs. Generally, I had a pleasant time, simply cause my family rarely spend time together so traveling is good for us. However, the older I become, the less I look forward to overseas trips. Sometimes, I dread it so much. I'm no longer a kid who'd spend a day deciding toys I'd bring with me up the plane. I'm no longer that child who fights with my brother for that window seat on plane. Right now, travelling is too mentally and physically draining for me. I missed the comfort and privacy of my room, friends, local food. I can never be a backpacker, camper; someone who doesn't belong to anyone, anywhere. No joke, I can never be one of them.