My 2-months internship started officially on Monday! It's such a sudden transitiOn from school to work that I'm still slowly adapting to this kind of lifestyle. It's not easy. I report at 10 and dismiss at 6.30pm, by then I'd be so worn out, especially when my body clock hasn't recovered for the better from exam week.

My working hours are reasonable and I am thankful. The hard part is surviving a day without crazy friends who would race Kartrider during lunch break, no taking of naps, no windows in my office to look out to.


For people who are interested to know my job scope...

Replying emails.
(This task drove me insane, I never hated replying emails so much in my entire life) CRAZY! The amount of emails coming in every few minutes is insane. There are all sorts of (annoying) customers who wouldn't reply to a given order format, who enquires about things that were already stated previously. Grrr.

Excel spread sheet.
Based on the emails, I had to record details of all customer orders on an excel sheet. I barely passed my DSS last semester with a D. Enough said. I'm so pathetic that boyfriend had to help do my work :(

On my second day of work, my bosses included me in for a meeting with some PR person. It was so interesting! I was entitled to try out so many bath and beauty products, my previously dry skin felt wonderful after sampling shampoos, stretch mark cream and lavender moisturizing lotion ^^

I was officially given a project to work on. And that is, to market two brands. I'm required to come up with a marketing plan, present my proposal and execute it within 2 months. It's exciting, fun, and pressurizing at the same time. So guys, I really need your help!


Kindly assist me by doing this short survey! I hate to mention this over and over again, but it's really important! The marketing plan is no joke and if I fail....there goes my resume.

Here's the link. I PROMISE it will take less than 3 minutes.


Thank you in advance! I'll really appreciate your response.