Waseda Senior High School

I am very lucky to be part of The RA Show as a makeup artist! Filming began at day break. It's been a long time since I last woke up at 5am.

Our first stop was the Esplanade, which looked pretty odd with not a single person around. Well, that's the point. Gradually as the day passed lots of tourists swarmed around and made it frustrating to film. It's really not easy to film anything outdoors in Singapore with the crazy heat.

But overall I had a great time working with all these talented people. Man, 12 hours of hard work produces about 10 minutes of final footage.

Let the pictures do the talking! iPhone photography :)

Stuart the camera man, with 2 hosts Alan and Ruby

Alan and Ruby looking great in their Yukuta! 

Photography by Stuart

Photography by Stuart

Photography by Stuart
Me doing what I do best. :)

Next stop: Waseda Shibuya High School

As the production is about connecting cultures of Singapore and Japan, we got the the chance to visit a Japanese school. It was the school's open house for a charity event themed "Our spirits connecting to the world", which aims to raise funds for the Tohoku earthquake in eastern Japan.

The school compound looked exactly the same as those campuses you saw in Japanese cartoon/anime and Hello Kitty playhouse I used to play with during my childhood. Those Japanese students would greet visitors with high pitched voices and I can't help to say "Kawaii"!

Hand painted work
Students decorated the school with hand painted artworks that shouts originality and hard work. I felt like I was literally walking inside of a scrapbook. I can't imagine the amount of time they put into painting and decorating. You know its true when they say Japanese people are extremely creative and unpredictable.

Kawaii to the girl in a Hello Kitty jumpsuit! 

A Japanese classroom. Wooden floors and black boards; classic.

Eccentric costumes is a norm for the Japanese

It was indeed an eye opening experience to soak into the Japanese culture. And that's probably the highlight of the day. For a good 3 hours I felt like I was already in Japan. Hopefully I'll get to travel there one day. Have heard enough stories, I really need to experience Japan for myself!