Dulcecandy's Office/ Closet tour

I love seeing people's interiors and nosing into their possessions. I love to see the kind of environment people live in day-to-day.

Dulce Candy (yes, her real name) is one of the first few people I followed on YouTube in attempt to learn makeup. She used to be a female soldier who fought for Iraq! Three years have passed, she's now happily married, a mother of one, studying as a fashion student, a freelance makeup artist, fashion blogger and designer. Makes me wonder how does she even have the time and energy to film and record videos for her loyal audiences. The most amazing part is, she's only in her early 20s and has laid out her life in such perfect manner. She constantly mentions in her videos that she doesn't let her height (4 ft 9") get in the way at all when she dresses up.

What an inspiration. <3