Last week's makeup experience

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Last week was crazy! I had 2 makeup appointments to attend to in the week and common tests to study for. ON TOP OF THAT, my church friends and I are rehearsing like crazy for a very special Christmas drama+musical. Last week was also a difficult time at home for me, but I'm glad God has been really gracious to me and pulled me through. Anyway, let me know if you wanna come, I'd be happy to have you around this Christmas! :) 100% festive, guaranteed!

1. Prom night

Prepping young(er) girls for their prom night makes me miss mine two years ago. We were all merely teenagers awaiting our dreams to come true, to have a good time and get into a good school. Nobody knew what was coming, and then everyone went separate ways. Prom night was one of the most memorable moments for me in secondary school. I don't understand why anyone would want to not go for prom. It's really a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I barely even see most of my secondary friends anymore :( All that remains a memory.

Dione's prom outfit - velvet dress + leather jacket + creepers
Tell me which girl wears creepers to prom?! Who?! None other than Dione Keh! This girl is mad but I love her so much, she never fails to lighten everyone's mood with her cheeky self. ^^

I always wondered if it'll be possible to wear unconventional footwear with my wedding gown - like sneakers in runaway bride. That's just a thought.

All made up :)
I feel incredibly proud when I give someone a makeover. It makes me so happy! 

2. Collaboration with Flesh Imp

(Photo courtesy of Flesh Imp and Stuart. Special thanks to NTUC, models, Michelle, Yi Xing and all makeup artists.)

I got the chance to be involved in a project/ collaboration with Flesh Imp last Friday. If you didn't know already, Flesh Imp offers edgy fashion inspired by the urban subculture for both genders, and very friendly on the wallet!

I had so much fun working with Flesh Imp, the models and makeup artists. We made the whole event possible despite the rain! I'm not going to reveal too much information as it's not released yet, so be patient! I can't wait to share!

Meanwhile, let the pictures to the talking...

Nicole (left) - makeup by me and Rachel (right) with Stuart's back view (as usual)

Nicole has really exotic/ feline features so I really wanted to emphasize the shape of her eyes with smokey hues and natural lashes. I left her lips pale nude to contrast with the smokey eyes as well as to draw attention to her skin colour, flawless complexion.

With the very korean looking Nelia! (makeup done by me)

Urgh this was taken with my iPhone in tungsten lighting so the picture really don't do enough justice >:( For Nelia, I used hot pink eyeshadow (yeah I know you can't tell) to carve our her crease and a little liner cause her eyes are so huge already!

With Michelle! ^^
Michelle is the friendliest stranger ever. She is incredibly funny and candid! For a busy model with almost daily ongoing castings, she was really generous to come down and guide the other models in walking.

Makeup talk with other makeup artists

Rainy days + delayed lunch break = sad looking models :/

Limited table space means creativity blossoms... (see drawer at back)
Yes! We shot in the supermarket :)
The lovely models :)