A little flare

Lace flare pants - Forever 21, silk blouse - mom's, chiffon blouse - gifted from Yuting, platfroms - Jeffrey Campbell, necklace - Hong Kong

I'm never a boot-cut girl but I guess I made an exception just yesterday while casually shopping in Forever 21. I'm normally in my skinnies but these pants, my goodness! 

Note: There's 10% discount for all OCBC credit/debit card holders at Forever 21!

It's flowly, comfortable and made really long so it's meant to go with high platforms. I'm so in love with its exaggerated bell-bottom that surprisingly seems to make my legs look thinner than usual. 

Reversible blazer from Dressabelle
The weather was cool enough to allow layers, so I wore a blazer that's more geometrically cut. It's longer on the front and short at the back - allowing my girly chiffon top to flow perfectly.

I'm sure you girls have seen reversible dresses, tops and scarfs. Now blazer comes in reversible form too! You can now acquire 2 blazers in the price of one!

Wearing my blazer in camel

Kittens on my JC Lana Fab

My photographer for today :)

Wore Revlon's Matte lipstick in Wine Not.