Happy Anniversary

My boyfriend Nigel and I
We met when we were 13. It was a year ago when we were officially together. Maybe it's pure coincidence, maybe it's fate, maybe it's only a phase in my life. Whatever it is, I'm genuinely happy.


Do it like a brother, do it like a dude!

This song is so going to be replaying itself in my head for the next 7 days.


How-To: Pin-Up Girl Makeup inspired by Christina Aguilera

I watched Burlesque yesterday and have to say the movie is a definite must watch! Not much of a storyline but it promises to entertain you from start to end.

I love what Christina has on her face so decided to recreate her look on myself today (not that I look anything like her). This look is ever glamourous and ridiculously simple.

Here's two pictures for reference:

You will need:

I used only 2 colours from the palette. They're circled in red.

1. I've already done my foundation; keep it matte and flawless. Apply white high shine shimmer powder on cheek bones, brow bone, nose bridge, forehead and chin.

2. Fill in brows. Wear blue contacts if you have.

3. Apply creamy white pencil as base on eyelids and brow bone. Blend with fingers.

4. Pat on a light eyeshadow on lids, then carefully darken the crease.

5. Draw a long, winged eyeliner. Keep the line clean. Use the same black gel liner for upper water line, and white pencil for lower.

6. Put on fake lashes. Mascara on lower lashes optional.

7. Red blush on cheeks.

8. Line the lips and fill in with red lipstick. Keep the outline clean. Red gloss optional


This look is also often seen on Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Monroe.


Happy Things

Here are some things recently making me happy.



Raudha, me
I am truly honored to be part of the SPMAC (Singapore Poly Makeup Artists Club) to participate as a makeup artist for the recent runway showcase. This gave me a great sense of achievement to lift my spirits. My model Raudha was my school mate for 4 years and is my neighbor!

2. My Timberland babies

I've been wishing for a pair of Timberland boots for some time and finally got my hands on these when I was shopping in Qatar. Got them on discount as it was the last pair left. Love how it's feminine and versatile, they are easily incorporated into my closet. Hopefully they'll last forever!

3. Eiffel Tower tea candle holder

Nigel got me this from Paris! Those mini Eiffel towers rotate by themselves when the tea candle is lit (Although I do not know why. Is it the heat waves?) and reflect some light around.

4. Assorted chocolates

Need say more?

5. Katy Perry

I've been listening to this album for close to 2 weeks and actually like it. Katy Perry is my guilty pleasure. Besides Teenage Dream, my new favorite is The One Who Got Away. Go listen HERE!