We've got shades on our eyes

Another fashion entry!

Hot hot day - perfect for walking down Bugis with a cup of Koi in our hands. Okay, I was hunting for a ukulele today. I only have 2 weeks till school starts agan. Being girl who is low very low on budget, I hope to use my time left learning how to play, or master if possible, my first instrument (um I don't really know how to play the recorder btw) instead of cracking my head deciding on which dress to purchase.

Nude envelope clutch
I love this nude envelope clutch! This shade of colour is extremely versatile and looks effortlessly expensive when it's really not. (In case you're wondering, I got it at SGD$5 from Shanghai.) It even comes with removable straps. I have seen girls using the exact same clutch to hold a laptop/ iPad/ paper documents - very chic!

Too bad for those of you here who has no choice but to purchase from blog shops. In my opinion this clutch is no way worth when it's priced at SGD$26.90.

Details on the back of Desiree's shorts

Wearing my new cat-eye shades

The rest of the day was spent at Desiree's place, one of my favourite places to hang out.

Dress from Desigual 

While bright/ neon colours are currently in trend, in my opinion, it's pretty tricky to wear multiple colours together. It's definitely not for everyone, but I think people with darker skin tones carry it off beautifully.

What do you think?

I've always been envious of my her walk-in-closet cause it's HUGE! Today I got to try on something from there too! Picked out this toga style maxi dress in royal blue. The little slit detail at the end makes the dress so unique.

Dress from City Plaza

In case you're thinking we're mega model wannabes...you might want to think again because we're really not like what we appear to be in the above pictures. Cough.

Me and Des being ourselves


Not forgetting to thank Raudha who took many of our pictures!



Way overdue entry!

If you have me on Facebook, you might have already seen my photo album. For those who haven't, here is my selection of my favourite shots out of the lot to bring you through my 2 weeks stay in Shanghai.

1. Me in Shanghai

What did I carry with me? There were a few 'essentials' I lived by and needed. The public toilets in Shanghai do not provide tissue paper, thus, having a pack handy is essential to keep yourself clean. Although I am short-sighted, I have never worn contacts so I carry my spectacles to help me see clearly at night. My Coach wristlet holds money, cards, a train map and a gloss/balm to prevent my lips from cracking.

Blusher to keep me looking healthy and glowly

An outfit that I wore repeatedly
I am extremely intolerant to cold which makes me a little overdressed most of the time. My cousin lent me her winter boots to provide more warmth.

2. Noticed

I brought my camera out most of the time. Throughout my journey, there were things that amazed me, things that intrigued me, things I lusted over and things that got me thinking. I did my best to shoot them all.

Handmade shoes on shop display
A pair of wedges on a stranger that caught my attention

One of my favourite shots - red lanterns hanging out of nowhere

There is something about old wedding photos that interests me. I love seeing wedding photos of all races and religion and era. They say a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day, I cannot help but agree when a photographer catches her anticipation and full joy, the happiness from within when she's about to marry a person she want to spend the rest of her life with. 

Old wedding photo of a stranger couple

This is a bridge I crossed one night in Shanghai. It reminded me of my dad because he has been working in the architecture field all his life. To some, architecture is art; it's a complex, carefully designed creation. It is science against gravity.

My favourite shot.

Would you have thought these were actually keychains if you didn't see the rings attached? I get hungry every time I see this picture.

Laundry hanging out of an attic window
A simple kitchen window of a friend's house I visited
Typical Shanghai 'long tang' (usually refers to the common pathway that to a block of resident units)
A badly burnt building, as compared to leaf-less trees

3. Experienced

What is a holiday in Shanghai without shopping?! There are plenty of shopping districts in Shanghai, my favourites were places that traded wholesale and that was where I purchased most of my stuff from.

I will do a separate entry on my loots, stay tuned!

A leopard printed coat I lusted over, but didn't purchase!
Here is a military jacket that caught my eye in a factory outlet store. I know the military trend has been around for some time but I love military inspired pieces to death! This jacket is of superior quality and fits me perfectly. Stole it for less than SGD$30. 

Military jacket by Etam
Watermelon Vans sneakers

Who leaves Shanghai without eating the Xiao Long Bao?

4. People

Picture of me 4 months old with my parents

I met up with some of my classmates as they were on their OIP. It's definitely exciting to see friends overseas and explore together, so much fun!

Clockwise from bottom: Leonard, Chloe, Yong En, Sherisa, me
My cousin in her striking yellow shoes
Jasmine! She lives in Shanghai and was so sweet to bring me shopping, try out local food and take neoprints.
The main purpose to this trip was to visit my family and relatives. Some of them I have not seen for 6 years or so. We had plenty of reunion meals and gathering and it was really an enriching experience to talk to them and find out more about their lives and my past.

Neoprints with Jasmine

Some of my family and relatives
"Generation gap" - my grandpa and brother sharing an umbrella

5. Explored

Honestly, visiting places were most boring for me. I call those 'tourist' moments where I just take out my camera and snap around like as if I'm amazed by everything. However some of the pictures turned out great so I'm happy anyway.

The Oriental Pearl (sadly I missed the tip, urgh! Death mistake!)

A Catholic church

Another one of my favourite shots! It reflects Shanghai as a vibrant city. I feel that this picture is 'just in moment' - how the bus was driving past and how the ang moh guy seemed to be lost and wandering around for directions.
Shanghai the vibrant city
View from the inside of a huge chinese temple

In conclusion, I had a great time in Shanghai. I learnt a lot from it, some of it really personal.

Through my pictures, I hope they spoke more for themselves than what my words did. After all, there are only those few limited adjectives within my language ability to describe this beautiful place.