Subtle stripes

Sweater - City Plaza, denim shorts - tagged Abercrombie & Fitch (but I got it from warehouse sale)

Wool + stripes = score! 

Bag - Shanghai, suede wedge booties - second hand from flea market, socks - Daiso

This average looking sweater does not attract compliments. In fact, I thought it was quite ugly at the first sight. My mom questioned if the sweater even belonged to me. I don't know; maybe it's the wool that resembles an old potato sack, perhaps the shapeless fit that is too boyish. But for strange reasons this sweater is so appealing to me as a whole, I love how it gives me the freedom to move about comfortably. I paired the socks to the stripes across my sweater to bring the whole look together.

The Descendants is a really good movie by the way! Watched it today with Nigel. If you're considering then you certainly should!