This Lunar New Year

Blouse - New Look, leather skirt - Forever 21, belt - Uniqlo, platforms - JC Clinic inspired

Clutch - Topshop

This lunar new year was a plain one for me. Unlike the majority of Singaporeans, I only have one family of relatives to visit. The rest are located in Shanghai and Hong Kong. As a kid of a migrant family, CNY always make me feel pretty lonely to be honest. The first day of CNY (chu yi), I lazed my day away with three awful movies and pineapple tarts.

I really envy people with big families. I mean, I don't even know my cousins! During occasions like Hari Raya, Malay families go around visiting in matching costumes. What a heartwarming sight? Why would anyone complain about visiting? Occasionally I would see tweets about how my friends are 'suffering' from questions posed by nosey relatives. Some complain about how bored they are sitting around old folks. Hey, I'm should be the one feeling bored, not you!

Maybe the grass will always be greener on the other side. Count your blessings.