Valentines' Day

Snippet of my Vday outfit - both from Charles&Keith
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My valentine <3 :)

The ultra sinful Jedi Mudster cake of NYDC - Orea cookie dough + chilled double chocolate with bits of macadamia nut. Mmmmmm

It was truly a blessing to spend my valentines' day with Nigel. To us, it's really just another ordinary date - simple dinner, words of appreciation, no money wasted on roses. I don't see why we must be extra caring and affectionate to each other only once every year. Also, what a silly idea to think valentines' day is only 'acceptable' if you're dating? What's with people making a big fuss over how you're 'forever alone' or "Oh well it's just another tuesday.."? Stop self-pitying! It may sound cliche but how can you love someone else when you can't even love yourself? Just because one has a partner to go out with does not mean they are truly in love. Haven't those married couples been single once too? 

On a random note, introducing my two most frequently worn lipsticks at the moment:

Revlon Super Lustrous matte lipstick - 010 Wine Not
Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick - 640 Coral Chic

I swear by the formula of Revlon lipsticks. They are true to colour, very lasting, reasonably moisturizing and scentless! I personally hate lipsticks that bear artificial fruity scents which more often than not tastes like soap. It's comparable to MAC lipsticks, if not better. Honestly I feel that MAC lipsticks can make your lips chap a little (especially the Satin line) though pigmentation isn't a problem. So if you're like me on a tight budget, you know the alternative now!