iLight Festival

I'm super excited to share with all of you the iLight Festival happening right now at Marina Bay! I'm always on a lookout for things I can do in Singapore without spending too much money; like visiting museums or second hand stores.

The whole night trail was such a refreshing experience. Those light installations were so beautiful to be seen in the dark; my camera did not do them justice at all!

I did not finish the entire trail. Here are some of the installations I managed to capture to the best of my ability:

The Light Dam by Uno Lai

Deck Journey by Zulkifle Mahmod

These are deck chairs placed along the waterfront. It only lights up when someone seats on it! Super energy saving!

5QUID by Ryf Zaini

This giant squid like object that responds by lighting up in rainbow colours when its sensor is waved at. Super pretty in reality. A must see!

The Gate by Li Hui

This one has to be everyone's favourite. It's mysterious and reminds me of secret agent movies. The emitted laser is real! Literally burns when stared into directly.

See! Everyone was so curious over this installation. Including me! (looking like I have chicken pox.)

Illumination Disorders ||
This one was made from various recycled materiels like umbrella and nylon fabrics. Really impressive for junk to look this good.

Free coffee?! *DANCES*

Yep. Free, hot Nescafé for you and your friend as you make your way through the trail.

Bibigloo by Bibi

An igloo made out of 250 jerry cans (used to contain fuel)! The artist intended his creation to raise awareness about global warning and melting ice caps. Very thoughtful of him.

The inside is lighted by a network of light bulbs.

Coral Garden by Olivia d' Aboville

No doubt this has to be my favourite. My photos doesn't do them justice at all. They're arranged in little clusters across the field.

Close up - coloured lights shining through a layer of clear fairy lights

I loved those lights so much I pixelated them and made it my wallpaper. Kind of reminds me of galaxies and my blog layout. Feel free to download, share the love!

Denim vest - Bugis street, maxi dress - Forever 21, shoes - Vans

Ending off with my outfit of the day.

Chunky arm party!

See the lights for yourself:

What: iLight Festival (sustainable art light festival)
Where: Marina Bay area
When: 9 March - 1 April 2012, 7.30pm - 11pm


I suggest going on weekends because there are more going on. For more info check out the official website

Have fun everyone!