Pretty Boy

I'm never a blazer person, unless it's for school presentations. The idea of wearing a blazer was ridiculous to me cause of Singapore's humidity and heat. Yes, I like how smart and sleek I look in it. But the thought of perspiring with a made up face is not a pretty sight.

Things change. (And get better)

I invested in an Uniqlo blazer months back as part of my formal suit.  Two days ago as I was planning my outfit I realized my Cotton On boyfriend blazer was washing. In a hurry, I grabbed my Uniqlo one as substitute. To my surprise, not only the cutting so much more flattering, it did not cause me to sweat a bit. Maybe it's the material, I don't know. Afterall, Uniqlo is known for its comfort and style right?

Blazer - Uniqlo, shirt - G2000, skirt - Daniel Yam (second hand from Salvation Army), oxford shoes - Esprit

Basic leather belt - Uniqlo

Very proud of this skirt I purchased second hand for $5 from The Salvation Army store! It's by Daniel Yam! I love finding vintage designer pieces.

Unique collar details accessorized with metallic necklace from Diva

I do fancy those collars with metal tips but don't you think the metallic buttons of this shirt make great impressions too?

Spike earring by ASOS, purchased second hand

This fierce earring is my favourite at the moment! I love metallic accessories so much.

Slits - a HUGE trend this year. I go for mini.

Face of the day - androgynous makeup

I was inspired by this awesome tutorial to recreate an androgynous makeup look to go with my outfit. This look focuses on a well contoured face yet remaining clean and polished. You want to embrace masculinity but not look like a man. You get what I mean.

Key products I have on:
Revlon PhotoReady foundation (half a shade darker than usual)
Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
MAC eyeshadow in Cork
Maybelline Eye Studio powder in 01 Dark Brown
MAC lipstick in Creme D' Nude

Green reptile bag by Perllini

This bag has been taken out way to much and probably for the whole of 2012.

Hope you enjoyed this pretty long entry! This year is all about looking pretty and feminine and wearing all sorts of bright colours but somehow the opposite will always be more appealing to me.

We'll see. (: