The Snake

The Tropical Marine Fish

Photography: Natalie Wong
Model: Teesa Hogan
Makeup: Uli Chan

Here's my latest makeup related work! It's for Natalie's graphic design project in Temasek Poly. Since the themed was 'Animal', I had to use lots of colours to bring out the two animals Natalie had suggested. The photo shoot was really a test for me. I rarely even use green and blue on my self, not to mention, models. Honestly, I'm afraid of colours! So loud and daring. But I didn't have a choice that day. Thankfully, I didn't screw up (phew), considering I did not know what had to be done. I can do anything through Christ (and my humble makeup brushes)!

This was the original face chart I was provided with:

Face chart for 'Snake'

Face chart for 'Fish'

Behind the scenes:

(via Instagram @ulimali)