Getting ready

Jamie getting her makeup done by me

The girls sure had fun!

My beautiful girls all dressed up! - Jamie, Kaylin, Mandy and Bernice

"The Blue Boyz"

Dione the birthday girl with her handmade cake (made out of chocolate bars and M&Ms)

The innocent smiles of children, aww :)

Bernice, me, Jamie

Saturday is always the happiest day of my week. I head to Church, attend classes and sermons and hang out with the people I love. My church holds an annual appreciation dinner for the entire congregation.This year, I'm so happy to have my girls over at my place to get ready together! It's always us who make the dinner such a big deal anyway. As girls, we find every possible opportunity to dress up! Such bimbos. We enjoy giving opinions on each other's outfit and deciding on what makeup to wear. I love my girls for trusting me to do their makeup so I try my best to make them look as good as possible. I thank God all the time for blessing me with a church and friends. Honestly, these girls feel like sisters to me; they are my pillars of strength spiritually, emotionally and physically. I look forward to experiencing greater things in life with all of them, all in the name of Christ!

My outfit of the day: 

Velvet baby doll dress - Vintage French Connection (mom's)
Heels - Zara Basic Collection

Close-up on accessories 
Gold studded clutch - Hong Kong, $16
Spiked bracelet - Hong Kong
Cross ring - Beadstreet, Cineleisure, $1

I kept my outfit very simple, drawing all attention to the accessories. My spiked bracelets and clutch look lethal don't they? The dress I'm wearing is so old - me being its third owner. Despite its luxurious material, I see myself wearing it on an everyday basic because it's so comfortable to move around in. It does not have the most flattering cut but it hides any bulge after a heavy dinner. ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone! Thank you for reading my blog!