Little India

Little India is an interesting place. Besides the delicious street prata stores and fresh coconuts, what I enjoy most is getting my brows done in the traditional way - threading. I get my brows professionally done every 6-8 months, each time trying a different beauty salon. Contrary to popular belief, threading is really not as painful as it seems!

Does brow threading hurt?
My very honest answer: Yes. BUT, it's totally bearable. I know it sounds strange right now but it's the kind of pain that you'll get used to within 10 seconds of threading. Besides, your brows will be done in 5 minutes. Those of you who use an epilator for hair removal will know exactly how it feels.

How much does brow threading cost?
For most salons at Little India that I know of, $6.

*Do remember to mention that you only want to 'keep the shape' to avoid getting thin brows. Also bring along an eyebrow pencil just in case!

My friend Kaylin who once had her brows done by plucking claimed that threading is much quicker and less painful. She never looked back ever since she tried threading!

Knit throw - Mom's | Leather skirt - Zara | Pascal boots - Dr. Martens

My favorite picture among all! 

Nothing makes me feel (and look) more like a superhero than my cape against the wind!

Many thanks to my friend Kaylin for capturing interesting moments as we walked down Little India. :)

Do give brow threading a try if you haven't! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any sort of worries/ questions! I will get back to you shortly.