Middle East Through My Camera

My girlfriends and I recently watched Sex & The City 2. I wasn't even paying much attention to the lousy storyline (as compared to the first). Rather, the scenes where the girls spent their holiday in Abu Dhabi made me want to relive my experiences in the middle east too.

I was lucky. Two years ago, I got to visit my working dad in Qatar, followed by Dubai for a short holiday. A trip to the foreign land meant little for a sixteen year old then. But little did I know, the two places were like rice; I will never crave until it has been taken away from me.

Let the pictures do the talking:

The Qatar Museum of Islamic Art - amazing architecture.

Interior of the museum where curves and lines went in perfect harmony.

Souq Waqif - literally translated as "The Standing Market", renowned for selling traditional garments, spices, souvenirs and handicrafts. 

A giant leather sandal (worn by men)

Exotic choices of pets

Typical shop in Souq Waqif selling scarves

The Qatar Villagio (MBS is nothing compared to this)

My family

Saw the most beautiful landscape ever

Sand dune racing is a common past time for Arabian men

With our chauffer Hussein who's from Bangladesh

In Dubai:

Burj Khalifa - tallest in the world since 2010 standing at 828 meters (compare with the height of the palm trees)

Tried on a typical attire most Arabian/Muslim women wore
Sand boarding

Belly dancer

Isn't the middle east mysterious, fascinating, magnificent, magical? I would do anything to experience the Middle East again.