Unicorn Mail

Guess what came in the mail today...

Unwrapping a parcel never felt this magical...I felt like a child again!

I received my parcel from Lime Crime!

I was filled with excitement upon opening the box filled with some extra goodies. Gosh, even the receipt is purple. *SCREAMS* As a sucker for fancy packaging, Lime Crime has definitely got me hooked.

When I finally unwrapped two layers of purple paper, lo and behold! There lies my lipstick encased in a their signature purple tube with a glitter unicorn.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn

The reason why I chose to purchase a purple lipstick out of the nudes, wine and pinks was simple. Purple is my favourite colour and I love lipsticks! Initially, I was uncertain if purple would suit Asian skin tones but upon applying the purple flatters my complexion surprisingly. Scroll down and you'll see how the colour works beautifully without the help of any eye makeup (I only have on mascara). Again, this varies from person to person.

My mini review of Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick:

  • Packaging (5/5) - No doubt! The pictures say it all. I feel that a lot of thought had gone into the packaging to make their customers feel that their splurge was worth the money and to me, the packaging is just as important as the brand name. For Lime Crime, the brand image runs consistently from its products to website and packaging.
  • Service (5/5) - Yes, excellent customer service always wins my heart over. My enquiry was replied in less than 3 hours and my parcel reached me in 13 days. All about the speed!
  • Colour payoff (4/5) - I love that the colour payoff is true to tube. You can be pretty sure of what you'll be getting just by looking at the tube. It took me about two swipes to cover my lips fully. Super pigmented! The only thing I dislike: it does stains your lips. It wouldn't come off with tissue or licking. However I believe some will take it as a plus point because the stain simply means prolonged staying power.
  • Scent (5/5) - Love that it is almost scentless with just a hint of vanilla. (Comparable to M.A.C lipsticks) Some may prefer fruity/ flowery scents but I prefer otherwise. 
  • Texture (4/5) - The lipstick goes on extremely smooth and creamy. It is decently moisturizing but I find the texture tends to 'sink' into the lines of my lips without the help of pre-applied lip balm. 
  • Price (3/5) - F.Y.I. I paid a total of SGD$34 after the conversion rate and shipment. I feel that the price is reasonable but can be lower. A M.A.C lipstick only costs SGD$28. However, considering the awesome packaging and great product, I am willing to spend.

Overall - I am really satisfied with the lipstick in every way. Lime Crime carries a wide range of lipstick and glosses in the craziest colours - blue, green, lilac, yellow, black. You name it. At the moment, purple seems most wearable for me but I am definitely eyeing for more. I would recommend the lipsticks to girls who aren't afraid to wear colours on the face. No point buying the prettiest shades but end up as diaplay on your vanity.

On asian skintone
Wearing Airborne Unicorn in day light, with only mascara.

On asian skintone