Rosette sweater - Evil Valentine | Pencil skirt - G2000

Ribbon earrings - Diva | Gold watch - Casio | Nails - Revlon in Sheer Pearl

Zara heels

I can't seem to get enough of white clothes recently. It's funny how white clothes are slowly balancing out the black ones in my wardrobe, leaving about 20 percent colours in between. I found this gorgeous sweater recently at an online boutique Evil Valentine. The 'rose petals' create such an interesting texture and reflect tons of light onto my face. That's another reason why I am loving white clothes. I recommend you girls to check out the store because I personally enjoy the unique selection they cater. Besides, I experienced good customer service and my address was professionally printed out. (I do not understand why some established online stores still choose to write by hand) I believe I saw something similar in Zara months ago and it was love at first sight. My readers will know that I tend to save on clothes and splurge on shoes so no way will I spend $60 on just a sweater! Shop smart! :)

Thank you Mandy for always taking great pictures <3