Hello Sailor ~

Stripe sweater - G2000 | High waist shorts -  Jurong Point | Watch - Casio

Gold glitter pumps - Taiwan, $15.30

In the midst of a busy week filled with deadlines and having nobody to help me with pictures, a tripod and natural sunlight really work wonders. Switch on the fan at full blast for the "wind-in-hair", editorial-worthy look. Anyway what I want to say is, try to work with what you have! I remember when I first started as a makeup artist, all I had was a roll of brushes that were prickly and shed like crazy. The fact that I couldn't afford good quality brushes pushed me even further to perfect my skills.

Anyway, hello new shoes! How ironic, I just said "work with what you have" yet I'm showing you these. But then, a new pair doesn't hurt when it's only fifteen dollars right?