Have finally gotten to the long overdue Taiwan blogpost. It's the perfect time to write in the midst of deadlines, just looking through the photos bring me wonderful memories from a month ago.

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf
I could stare at this landscape forever.

There's no better way to start the Taiwan journey with the sea. The magnificent piers, busy waters against the afternoon sun painted a perfect scenery.

Wooden tabs written with love notes

The perfect landscape at Yehliu Geo Park

I can't name a single rock formation :( The place was beautiful nevertheless, the pictures speak for themselves!

Everyone tells me "you haven't gone to Taiwan if you don't check out Shilin market." It's true! There's endless streets to eat and shop. One of the most interesting things I tried was the 'bitter gourd honey drink', which I loved.

Smelly/fermented tofu

Looks like a less cruel alternative as compared to fishing?

An insane candy shop. 50cent will be delighted.

Taipei 101

Blouse (similar to Zara) - Riot Loco | Python Pants - m)Phosis | Pascal boots - Dr Martens | Bag - Perllini

I was lucky to visit the Taiwan Exchange as part of my trip agenda with the school. Though I'm not a finance student, the short session taught me a lot about the Taiwan stock market and operations.


At the National Taipei University, where You're the Apple of My Eye was partially shot!

The best red bean popsicles in the entire world.

VS representz

During one of the nights, the typhoon hit where our hotel was. Thankfully, nothing was serious, and we even got to enjoy the purple sky. Totally not edited!

Happy Sasa haul to all of us! It's a good idea to stock up on masks when you're in Taiwan!

Wild kitty in the woods

Random snapshots in compounds of Fo Guang Shan Monastery, Taiwan's biggest Buddhist temple. I really enjoy visiting places of worship.

Last stop, Taiwan Leofu Village Theme Park! Pretty impressive I'd say! Equipped with both wet and ride rides as well as special effect theaters. It's always more fun to try out crazy rides when you're with crazy friends.

Eight days in Taiwan passed in a flash. I truly enjoyed Taiwan for its rich culture which even sparked off interest in me for Chinese culture in general. Though there were long boring bus rides and early mornings, the experience was so worth it. I guess traveling gives people a wider perspective in seeing the world. It makes me feel that I know so little about of the world, it also makes me appreciate Singapore. But some people are so caught up with their homeland, thinking everything is more superior at home. "Frog in the well" - the perfect description. Sometimes, buying an experience could be far more gratifying then material things that only grant happiness temporarily.