The Midi Shirt Dress

Resort Midi Dress - Dressabelle | Cat Tapestry Lana platforms - Jeffrey Campbell

Flower hairband from Bangkok

I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Retail Global Connexion held by Capita Mall yesterday. What an honor to have heard from the CEOs of some of the top tenants share their business design strategies! The talk that left me the most impression was from the dynamic duo, Cynthia and Daniel who own brands like Striped, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Open Door Policy. It finally made sense when I realized those brands all share one thing in common; great design. It was an oohhhh moment that made me happy to know some of my favourite places are by them! Something that I took home was their belief in strong, organic ideas and a die-hard spirit that obviously reflects the success of the brands. Just because you follow all the rules from the book does not mean you will do it right. Neither does any reward come from building sandcastles in their air. A business conference I thought was going to be boring ended up being inspirations to me! I know that isn't exactly related to fashion but I just had the urge to share with everyone that I personally think that if you really want something, keep believing and it will eventually come true with hard work. Okay I sound like a typical teacher who is trying to motivate students for their 'O' Levels. A quote before I sign off:

I would rather live a life with "oh wells" rather than "what ifs".

Quoted from my dear classmate Eunice. Wishing everyone an inspiring weekend!

Photos by JJ